Happy Fat Loss Friday...

Hey!! Ticker is moving! Not much, but it's moving!! And in the RIGHT direction... ;-)
I've lost a pound this week.

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I've been a really good girl: I went to the outdoor swimming pool three times! For 2 hours each! Sunday, Tuesday and today. So it worked! Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!
My schedule for next week is: Go swimming every second day and do some workout (bout half an hour) on the step machine the days between. So hopefully I will stick on to it...!

But I'm happy. So this is motivation.
Hugs to all of you,
♥ Sonny ♥

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Christie O. said...

yayyyyy! great job!! thanks for the nice comments on my blog! we did it! i'm down three this week. THREE!!!!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEE!

Skittles said...