Thursday thirteen

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I finally got my written exam results: I passed! I only need to do my oral exam on 18th and then I'm finished. And no matter what grade I'll get for oral exam, my cumulative grade is already a very good one. AND I've got a job. So finally our hard times will be over in july. We'll earn good money. No more worrying wether we could afford something or not. Finally. After four years having sparse money we really deserve it, I think. Thank god.
So that brings me to my TT-topic for this week:

13 things we're going to get/do when we earn more money:
(not listed by priority)
  1. buy a new sofa. Our old one is close to break down. Too bad quality. This one is what I prefer:

  2. buy a new bed. The one we have now is hubby's 15 (!!!!) year old futon. Not really comfortable, and our backs don't like it too. We want to have a comfy one like this:

  3. buy a new cooker. The one we have is a used one we got from friends when we moved in our home three years ago. We're happy to have one, but it doesn't work very well anymore. It takes ages to bake a cake in it for example. Annoying. We both like to have this one:

    But unfortunately we have no gas pipe in our house, so we need to look for another, electric one.

  4. Renovate our bath-room. I'm thinking of a kind of spa... ;-)

  5. going on holiday in the Dominican Republic. Summer, Sun, Sand and Sea... ;-)

  6. a plasma-tv for our bedroom.

  7. Buy a new car for hubby (and me), a family friendly one (*wink*). We prefer an Audi.

  8. And somewhat later buy a little ONE for me. Convertible please ;-)

  9. give our home a complete make over (with help of this wonderful swedish furniture shop *g*)

  10. buy a new bigger cage for our little bunny Barney

  11. adopt a little child of the third world to help him/her getting a better life.

  12. buy a second notebook, so that each of us got his own. I prefer this one:
    HEEHEE!! Hey I'm a girl... ;-)

  13. Save money for hard times (that'll hopefully never come back again!!!)

See you soon,
♥ Sonny

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Christie O. said...

congratulations on the job and the good grades!!