Photo Hunt: Heavy

During our last year's summer holiday at the north-sea we visited the "Waloseum". It's a place where you can learn things about whales and seals and the Wadden Sea. Among other things they exhibit a skeleton of a spermwhale wich was found on 30th november 2003 in the wadden sea of the island norderney. It was quite impressive to see this big heavy animal skeleton. We took a lot pictures. And I want to share these interesting ones with you.

Latin technical term: physeter catadon, i.e. teeth only in lower jaw
physter macorcephalu, i.e. big head
Stranded: 30th november 2003 as one of two vagrants at norderney
Gender: male
Age: 20 to 25
Length: 14,5 mtr (47,57 ft.)
Weight: 40 tonne THAT's HEAVY isn't it?
Weight of head: 7,5 tonne
Numbers of bones: 148
Numbers of teeth in upper jaw: 12, rarely existent

Got a clue what this is????

Got it???? Answers in comments, please.... ;-)
"Ouch...." ;-)

Okay, that was heavy....
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Hugs, Sonny

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Hootin' Anni said...

Absolutely fantastic!!!

My heavy is posted...hope you can drop by and celebrate my birthday with me. Happy Hunting!

Karen said...

I cracked up over the last photo!!

I'm going with a safe answer and say, tail? *grin*

Write From Karen

2cents said...

Great photos, thanks for sharing.

Mine is up at
. Hope you can visit me too. Happy Photo Hunting.

Sarge Charlie said...

ouch is right....

Dragonstar said...

That's fascinating! Not sure of that last photo though!!!

Katney said...

That must be a fascinating museum. I was expecting whales at sea. Look at their "hands."