You say.... I think....

Welcome to unconscious mutterings, it's a free association game....
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  1. Score :: High Score at soccer or any other sports
  2. Luxurious :: champagne, and all the other things I can't afford at the moment... ;-)
  3. Party :: yes please!!
  4. Limited edition :: expensive
  5. Security :: good to have security men at big events
  6. Betty :: Boop - I think she's really cute..
  7. Under construction :: road works
  8. Pest :: "Black Death"
  9. director :: Director's cut
  10. Express :: Starlight Express (a musical)

Okay, I hope you liked it. If you played too, let me know in comments so I can stop by your blog....
Have a nice sunday, hugs,

3 shared thoughts:

Skittles said...

Thanks for dropping by. You have some good answers. :)

Jean said...

Hello -- one match, I think you mean Betty Boop? LOL

Sonny said...

@jean: oops, yeah you're right, I missed the "p".
But I directly go and correct it... ;-)