Fat Loss Friday...

This "Summer Slim Down" weightloss challenge was started by Christie.
So if you wanna know more, please hop over to her blog.

Allthough it's already saturday in my part of the world I won't let ya go without posting my this week's weight loss.
This week I only lost 1.1 lb, but for that I really haven't done much (had some problems in private life this week) - just tried to drink some more water, that's okay.

My goal for next week is to fight my weaker self and get myself going to do some exercises again. That's my biggest problem: my weaker self. In past, I always lost the fight. Especially if there were some extra problems in private life just like this week.
If anybody has some good tips for me how to win the fight, please let me know. I will be thankful ;-)

So my specific goals for next week are:
  • eat (more) fruits and veggies
  • drink more water or unsweetened tea instead of diet coke
  • do at least two days exercise on my step machine
Wish me luck to get all that done besides my final exam-preparation (only 2 weeks to go *shiver*)
That's all for this week, folks.
♥ Sonny ♥

3 shared thoughts:

Jenmomof4 said...

Sonny, I have the same goals as you for next week. I just didn't write them down like you did!

Thanks for visiting my blog today. My post is up now about my weight loss!!

I really need to excercise next week!

Christie O. said...

Congrats Sonny!! You won the prize!! Can you send me an e-mail at christieo_7@msn.com? I couldn't find your e-mail address on your blog.. thanks! Congrats!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Sonny, 1.1 pound is great! I know we all want the weight to fly off but the slower we lose it, the more apt we are to keep it off. Congrats on winning the prize!!