I really do my very best ( for the millionth time...)

During my blog-hopping I came across Christie's blog and stumbled upon her "THE 'LET'S FIND OUR HAPPY PLACE' ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE DAY" - Post.

It's about loosing weight until June. That's about 2 months left.
Not that I haven't tried that before. I tried it about a billion times. But maybe I'll get it now.
So here's my goal:
I want to fit in my favourite khaki pants and my sexy khaki top again for summer. (Unfortunately I don't have a pic of me wearing that, but I'm going to take a pic of the pants and the top and post it here).

So wish me luck! I really need it ;-)
And if you wanna join, just click the button.

Hugs, Sonny ♥

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Christie O. said...

yayyy! welcome!! bloggers unite! we're gonna do it!

manoellimoeiro544 said...

Amiga ist eine Freude für den Zugriff auf das Blog. Ich pernambucano, und wünsche Ihnen viel Erfolg in Ihrem Blog. Eine Umarmung von Manoel Limoeiro do Recife, PE.
Recife-PE., April 10, 2008. Donnerstag.

Christie O. said...

don't forget to stop by and sign the linky to win today's prize!!!