Heads or Tails #35 - Direction

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This week's theme is "Direction". So what should I write? The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear direction is: FINAL EXAM!!!
To be honest I can hardly think bout anything else at the moment.
My direction is my final exam.
As some of you might already know I'm doing a vocational retraining (to become office management assistant) since July 2006. I've finished my internship last week, and now the time is ticking!!!
My first exam will be next tuesday. Information processing. Next direction is written exam on May 7th. Last direction is oral exam about 4 weeks later.
As you can see I have a straight direction for the next 2 months!!!
After I've passed (hopefully) my exams, we can talk about my next direction: getting a good job...

So, folks, wish me luck.
And don't worry if I don't post a lot within the next weeks. I'm just holding on to my direction... ;-)

Hugs, ♥ Sonny

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good luck on those exams

Happy Tuesday