No good combination...

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Some of you might have noticed that I haven't been blogging for a while (thanks barb for letting me know you care). That's just because I couldn't pull myself together. I suffer from spring lethargy and have to prepare myself for final exam in may. That no good combination!!!!

I have holiday until next sunday so I hope I'll bring myself up again. So please stop by at my blog time by time, I'm sure I'll post the one or other thing.

If anybody has some good advice against spring lethargy and exam preparation stress, please let me know in comments!!!

Hugs, with ♥, Sonny

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Skittles said...

Hey Sonny! Glad to see you back!

Maybe what you need is a little time to just forget about the exam? Sometimes something as simple as a nice drive through the countryside or a walk through a park can be enough.

SaraLynn said...