Just another....

... manic monday...
I wish it was sunday...

Okay, this day wasn't THAT bad.
I got up early enough Chrissie was second to stand up, normaly it's me who turns around twice before getting up. So I could catch the bus for being on time. Weather wasn't really nice. It was slightly raining.
I don't like drizzle. An umbrella won't really help to stay dry.
At office it was a typical monday. The stack of files was even higher than it was when I left on friday. Our boss always does this. My workmate has exact the same problem. That's a thing of really small offices I think. Luckily our boss had an appointment (one that we booked for him - hehe - ) so we could do our job without being bossed around. The clients weren't much difficult today so (nearly) everything was fine.

Being home I did some housework and after it drove to the supermarket. Still raining. At least not cold.
While shopping I decided there will be tortellini for supper.

So you see, nothing really mentionable happened today.
Just another (manic) monday.

But anyway, don't we all hate mondays?

&hearts Sonny

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